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Our strengths


Reliability and order

Reliability is very important to us, with us your assignments will always be ready on time.

Proven experience and references

We have been on the market for 3 years and our experience is proven by clients from various business sectors.

We're in the same boat

Our clients and their projects are not just clients to us, we are in the same boat and work for the success of their projects.

They wrote about us

E-commerce is growing and so is the demand for virtual assistants: how to find the right one?


Pavlína Kavková - INVESTER


How was the VirtualAsistentka.cz created?

Our story

I came up with this project because of one thing. I kept seeing around me and especially on the internet feedback about unreliable, uncommunicative people who are supposed to help others in their business. I decided to change this sad fact. I enjoy this work and find it fulfilling, but the most important thing to me is when our client is happy with our work and the outcome. This is my office’s top priority because my clients’ success is our success. You can expect our office to be reliable, flexible and fully committed to our work; we are not about quantity, but quality. I am almost always in contact with my clients and I am here with my colleagues to help them.

What can we do?




Save time


Keep your errands, appointments and diaries


Communicate with clients and partners


Acquisition of new clients


Searching for information


Be your partner for business

Our project has already had some successes, such as interviews, the assistant of the year competition and much more.

Our goal and vision is to bring this project to a very high quality and professional level, to facilitate and help with the work of other entrepreneurs and people who are not able to do everything themselves and to provide them with a professional and quality service and business operation.

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